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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Random Nursery Rhyme Bottlecap Collage Pendants

I recently bought a vintage book of nursery rhymes for children, and found that there are a TON of random nursery rhymes that make no sense! I started the Random Nursery Rhyme Collection of bottlecap pendants to celebrate these nonsensical rhymes.

This particular pendant is the Peter the Eggbeater rhyme, and it goes like this:

"'Now for a brisk, a jolly time!' Said Eggbeater queer and droll; Then he whirled his wheel around, as he stepped into the bowl. 'They're a crafty set,' quoth he, as he beat the eggs to foam. 'Oh! These eggs will be a sight when I leave the bowl for home.' He whipped and whipped and beat and stirred, until the eggs could hardly stand; Their cries and moans they say were heard, throughout the town, throughout the land."

Wow- and to think- someone actually got paid to write that.

OOAK original mini collage using vintage image from a nursery rhyme book. Collage is forever encased in a glass-like coat of resin for years of enjoyment. Pewter star charm can be added to the bottom of this unique pendant for no additional charge (see pic #3). Just put it in the message section when you purchase. The back of the bottle cap is gold. Necklace comes strung on a stainless steel ball chain (not shown) in the length of your choosing. Please specify what length you would like in the message section when purchasing. If no length is specified, a 16" chain will be included.



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